Our Family

How we came to Fort Worth?

People often asked me, how did you move to Fort Worth? “ It was because my uncle wanted to be a Cowboy.” I replied. I often got a startled look like I was joking. But it was true!


When I still lived in our hometown “Chantaburi”, my house was filled with cowboy hats, belts, and boots. These objects have been part of my life since early childhood. Over the course of four decades, our family members gradually moved and we ended up being around Weatherford, Fort Worth, Hudson Oak, and Southlake. Originally, I never wondered why we came to live here. Until I was asked a few times then I started to trace back to who made the first decision. That was my uncle. “Why did you choose Fort Worth?” I asked him. “ I like watching cowboy movies and want to dress like them.” He answered that with a proud smile. That was why every time he went back to our hometown, the souvenirs we often received were things about cowboys. I even had a photo of myself dressing like a cowgirl.


Somehow, the cowboy cultures have been placed in our lives and linked us to Fort Worth since we still lived in a small city in Thailand thousands of miles away.


The first location was opened in 2006. After moving from New York city back to Fort Worth, Texas several family members opened our new location, and we formed Thai Restaurants which now includes: Thai Select (2011), Thailicious (2012), Spice (2014), Blue Jasmine (2015) & The Bangkok (2017).

Who we are?

I think one of the reasons we love being in Fort Worth very much is because we sense the small town, tight-knit family feel in the people around us. It is strange to say but we feel so familiar in this city. Our family love cooking together, trying new food, exchanging recipes, and just keep finding new excuse to celebrate.


We are foodies and our joy is to put what we love in the menu and let our friends try them too. Fort Worth people are friendly so many of our guests turn to be lifelong family friends. It is hard to describe but it is such a wonderful feeling to be part of the community. That is why we continually participated in many events around town such as Friday on the Green, Blue Zone projects, YP night, and Vision Fort Worth at Ronald Mcdonald. We are grateful of the people and Fort worth city and want to contribute to the development of Fort Worth. Our family feels lucky and enjoy living here so much!